Activities abroad 2009

2009年12月15日(火) カテゴリー:徒然






Latest activities abroad

11/2009 Laser Florence 2009 in Florence,Italy
10/2009 EADV 18th Congress in Berlin,Germany
09/2009 5 Continents Congress Lasers and Aesthetic Medicine in Nice,France
08/2009 Controversies and Conversations in Laser and Cosmetic Surgery in Bermuda Islands
08/2009 Cosmetic Surgery in China 6th Congress in Beijing,China
07/2009 Intrnational Workshop Fullernes and Atomic Clusters in St.Petersburg,Russia
07/2009 The 3rd IMCAS Asia in Bangkok,Thailand
05/2009 Cynosure Laser Workshop in Shenzhen,China
05/2009 Cynosure Laser Workshop in Shanghai,China
04/2009 6th EADV Spring Symposium in Bucharest,Romania
04/2009 LASER 09 ASLMS Conference in Washington D.C.,USA
03/2009 PromoItalia Workshop in Monte Carlo,Monaco
03/2009 Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress & Medispa in Monte Carlo,Monaco
03/2009 AAD 67th Annual Meeting in San Francisco,USA
02/2009 Lutronic Laser Workshop in Seoul,Korea
02/2009 Lutronic eCO2 Users Meeting in Seoul,Korea

12/2008 USA biotech Laser Inc. Discussion in New York,USA
11/2009 LASER Workshop in Tel Aviv,Israel
09/2008 EADV 17th Congress in Paris,France
09/2008 ESLD European Society for Laser Dermatology in Paris,France
08/2008 Laser and Anti aging Workshop in HCMC,Vietnam
08/2008 Controversies and Conversations in Whistler,Canada
07/2008 The 2nd IMCAS Asia in Singapore
06/2008 KSCD 9th Annual meeting in Seoul,Korea
04/2008 ASLMS 28th Annual Meeting in Florida,USA
02/2008 Laser and Anti aging Workshop in Cairo,Egypt

11/2007 Conventional vs. Contemporary in Laser Medicine and Surgery in Seoul,Korea
11/2007 Cynosure Laser Workshop in HCMC,Vietnam
10/2007 The 21st World Congress of Dermatology in Buenos Aires,Argentina
09/2007 The 21st World Congress of Dermatology in Buenos Aires,Argentina
09/2007 ESLD in Buenos Aires,Argentina
08/2007 Controversies and Conversations in New York,USA
07/2007 The 1st IMCAS Asia in Bangkok,Thailand
07/2007 Cynosure Asia Pacific Distributor meeting in Bangkok,Thailand
06/2007 Syneron Leadership Academy in San Francisco,USA
05/2007 EADV 16th Congress in Vienna,Austria
04/2007 Laser Seminar in Hong Kong,China
04/2007 Anti-Aging Seminar in Jakarta,Indonesia
04/2007 ASLMS 27th Annual Meeting in Dallas,USA
03/2007 Micro Needle Therapy System Seminar in Seoul,Korea
01/2007 1st ECAA in Bangkok,Thailand

10/2006 EADV 15th Congress in Rhodes,Greece
09/2006 1st Asia Fraxel Users Meeting in Seoul,Korea
08/2006 Controversies & Conversations in San Diego,USA
04/2006 ASLMS 26th Annual Meeting in Boston,USA
03/2006 AAD 64th Annual Meeting in San Francisco,USA
02/2006 EADV 4th Spring Congress in Saariselka,Finland

12/2005 A4M 8th Annual International Congress in Las Vegas,USA
11/2005 Q-switched YAG Laser Peeling Congress in Bangkok,Thailand
10/2005 EADV 14th Congress in London,UK
08/2005 Aesthetic Surgery Congress in Singapore
06/2005 Q switched Nd:Yag Laser congress in Krakow,Poland
05/2005 Chinese Congress of Dermatologist in Taichung,Taiwan
03/2005 ASLMS 25th Annual Meeting in Florida,USA

09/2004 1064nm Nd:Yag Laser Congress in Taipei,Taiwan
04/2004 ASLMS 24th Annual Meeting in Dallas,USA
03/2004 Korean Congress of Dermatologist in Seoul,Korea


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